What is “Shime-Parfait”?

“Parfait” is a French word that means “perfect” in English.

It is said that the first parfait was made in France in the 19th century. It was frozen type with egg yolk and fruits.

American-type parfait that made from ice cream, fruits, chocolate and whipped cream in tall glass is common style in japan.

“Shime-Parfait” is a parfait that concludes the end of the day after drinking or after eating.

Let’s have some parfait to call it a day!

  • For business hours, access, menus, etc. of member stores, please contact each member store directly.
  • Menus that are no longer available, such as seasonal menus, may be posted. Please note.

厨 宮宿房(Kuriya Miyasyukubou)

「Gokujo parfait」 980yen(tax included)

It uses an ice cream including “Hama natto” loved by Ieyasu TOKUGAWA (Japanese shogun). In addition, it also uses caramel that made from “sweet sake matured for 3 years” and highly selected orange feuillantine. You can enjoy exhilaration and bitter taste with this parfait.

☆This parfait was jointly developed with students of the Sugiura Seminar, Faculty of Commerce, Nagoya Gakuin University.

  • Access Nanyo building 2F ,2-6-16 Jingu Atsuta-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
  • Business hour  lunch 11:30~14:00, dinner 17:00~22:00 (close: Sunday, national holiday)
  • Tel 052 684 5534

ビケット biquette

「Strawberry and Jasmine Parfait」1620yen(tax included)

※seasonal menu

The theme of this parfait is “sweet-and-sour and aroma”.

From below, whipped cream, crème brulee of jasmine, flake, mascarpone ice cream, strawberry, blancmange of jasmine, cake sponge and custard cream. Finally, we decorated this parfait with strawberry ice cream, whipped cream, strawberry fruits, ribbon and white chocolate.

  • Access 1-30-2Chikusa, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
  • Business hour 10:00~19:00 (close: Thursday, 4thWedneseday)
  • Tel 052 887 5350

パフェとハンモックのカフェ PAMACA (café of parfait and hammock “PAMACA”)

「pamaca parfait STRAWBERRY」Regular 1980yen(tax included)※Mini size 1650yen(tax included)

「pamaca parfait KIWI」regular 1760yen(tax included)※Mini size 1430yen(tax included)

「pamaca parfait PINEAPPLE」Regular size 1760yen(tax included)※Mini size 1430yen(tax included)

This parfait was produced by female pâtissier and Instagrammer, so it looks cute with plenty of fruit.

We also have other menus such as seasonal fruits parfait.

  • Access Marufuku Building 2F, 14-24, Furuwatari-cho, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
  • Business hour 11:00~19:00 (close: Wednesday)
  • Tel 052 253 5526

マリカフェ( Maricafe)

「Sweet potato parfait」935yen(tax included)

The best combination of sweet potato and ice cream! It also includes roasted nuts and granola.

*You can choose sweet potato Plain, Noko(rich) or Murasaki Imo (Purple sweet potato).

  • Access 1-5-2Kanayama-cho, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
  • Business hour 10:00~23:00 (Sunday 10:00~21:00)
  • Tel 052 683 7868

City Dining Macy’s

「Caramel Brownie Sundae」777yen(tax included)

This parfait is made from home-made bitter caramel source, brownie and vanilla ice cream.

「Choco-Mint Pearl Sundae」842yen(tax included)

It is made from mint chocolate chip ice cream and tapioca. It can be absolutely instagrammable.

  • Access 4-3-40Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
  • Business hour 11:30~26:00 (last order: 25:00, close:3rd Thursday)
  • Tel 052 228 6585

アメリカフェ ナゴヤパルコ店(Amelie cafe Nagoya Parco)

「Strawberry Tall Parfait」1598yen(tax included)

An original parfait that uses plenty of strawberries in a stylish glass.

  • Access Nagoya PARCO Midi building3F, Sakae3-29-1, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
  • Business hour 11:00~22:30
  • Tel 052 263 8920

カフェブル Cafe Blue

「Strawberry Parfait」 1840yen(tax included)

We use sweet-and-sour and big strawberries!

Others, cassis jelly, vanilla ice cream, cocoa sponge, whipped cream, pistachio ice cream, strawberry ice cream, blueberry, candy decoration.

  • Access 6-4Sennari-tori, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
  • Business hour 10:00~21:00
  • Tel 052 887 5298

カフェRosa薔薇館(café Rosa Barayakata)

「Strawberry and Rose Parfait」990yen(tax included)

We put strawberries in the image of winter roses on the top of the parfait.

The combination of strawberry and whipped crème is like light waltz. Enjoy home-made strawberry compotes, simmered roses in lemon, ice cream of strawberry and rose, with fragrant rose syrup.

  • Access 1-1311Araike, Tempaku-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
  • Business hour 9:00~19:00 (close: Thursday)
  • Tel 052 801 5937

IZUMI-CAFE ~aeru marche~

「”KOREDEMOKA!” Seasonal fruits Mountain」1078yen(tax included)

This is the parfait made from a lot of seasonal fruits.

  • Access 2-11-4Izumi, Higashi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
  • Business hour 8:00~17:00
  • Tel 052 936 2488

名古屋東急ホテル アトリウムラウンジ「グリンデルワルド」(Nagoya Tokyu Hotel Atrium lounge “Grindelwald”)

Grindelwald Parfait〜Temptation of the night〜

left「Chocorange」 right「Strawberry Naige」each 2000yen(tax/service charge included)

※Includes coffee or tea

We have two types parfait, “Chocorange” which you can enjoy bittersweet dark chocolate and orange marriage, and “Strawberry Neige” which is made with millefeuille that combines crispy pie, strawberry and cream cheese. 

  • Access 4-6-8Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
  • Business hour 9:00~22:30(Last order 22:10)

※Parfait available 17:00~22:00(Last order 21:30)

  • Tel 052 251 6685

名古屋プリンスホテル スカイタワー レストラン「Sky Dining 天空」(Nagoya Prince Hotel Sky Tower Restaurant “Sky Dining Tenku”

「Sky Tower Tenku parfait」1650yen(tax/service charge included)

You can see the combination of colorful fruits and mint & soda. Milk ice cream expresses the cloud, candy decoration expresses the sky.

  • Access 4-60-12 Hiraike-cho, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
  • Business hour 6:30~24:00

※Parfait available 14:00~17:00

  • Tel 052 565 1110

マグニーズコーヒートラック(Magni’s Coffee Truck)

「Affogato Parfait」550yen (tax included)

An ice parfait with hot espresso added to sweet and cold French vanilla.

  • Access 11-18 3-chome Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
  • Business hour 8:00~18:00 *Friday 8:00~23:00 (close: Monday, Saturday, Sunday, National holiday)
  • Tel 080 4964 7137

チョコレートカフェ クオレ( Chocolate café CVORE)

「Chocolate Parfait」880yen(tax included)

A chocolate parfait with a rich taste unique to a chocolate specialty store.

You can enjoy the charm of chocolate with cacao70% gelato from Colombia developed in collaboration with sister store "Gerateria Pinocchio" and classic chocolate cake.

  • Access 1-113Arako, Nakagawa-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
  • Business hour 9:30~19:30(weekday &Saturday) 9:30~19:00(Sunday &National holiday)
  • Tel 052 351 6448

カフェレストラン バルーガ(Café and Restaurant Valluga)

「Matcha and Agar jelly Parfait」1230yen (tax included)

A year-round popular parfait using matcha sauce using matcha from Myokoen, red beans, shiratama, agar, matcha ice cream, vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream.

「Chocolate and Banana Parfait」1130yen (tax included)

A simple parfait with banana and vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and Hershey chocolate sauce.

「Fresh Fruits Parfait」1420yen (tax included)

It is made of orange and grape fruits, seasonal fruits, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and fruits source

  • Access 1-12-3Sado-cho, Mizuho-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
  • Business hour 7:00~19:00(Tuesday~ Saturday) 8:00~19:00(Sunday, National holiday) (Last order 18:30, close: Monday)
  • Tel 052 851 7954

パティスリー ロアジス(Patisserie LOASIS)

「Peach Parfait」1900yen (tax included)

The most popular limited parfait. This parfait made with 2 peaches.

The contents are home-made vanilla ice cream, framboise confiture, peach jelly, chocolate fiantine, genoise, whipped cream and custard cream. 

  • Access 1-33-9Kikui, Nishi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
  • Business hour 10:30~19:00(Last order 18:30, close: Wednesday)
  • Tel 052 571 1213

喫茶ツヅキ(Kissa Tsuzuki)

「Pancake Parfait」 1100yen (tax included)

You can enjoy more than 10 fruits and 3 ice creams in this parfait.

  • Access Taikotori6-1, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
  • Business hour 7:30~18:30
  • Tel 052 482 0001


「Nuts GOROGORO Chocolate Parfait」 890yen (tax included)

It is made with almond, walnut, cashew nuts and chocolate.

We have 16 types of Shime-Parfait in all, from seasonal parfaits to berry, chocolate, Japanese parfait, and cakes.

  • Access Sambomnmatsucho7-18, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
  • Business hour 11:00~16:00, 17:00~21:00 (Sunday, National holidays 17:00~20:00) (close: Monday, 1st/3rd Sunday)
  • Tel 052 784 6352

cooking smile sweets

「Seasonal fruits parfait」 500yen (tax included)

The best seller parfait of this shop!

「Chocolat Chocolat」 500 yen (tax included)

This parfait is popular among women. We use home-made ganache and home-made chocolate gateau.

「Matcha Parfait」 500yen (tax included)

The sponge made from matcha from a well-known green tea shop “Kokaen” in Toyota is popular.

「Mont Blanc of One Chestnut」 550yen (tax included)

The parfait made with a whole chestnut.

  • Since we are food truck, business hours may vary depending on the event. For details, please check the store Twitter, Instagram, or contact us.
  • Tel 0565 51 0810

ふるーつ果ふぇ ぜんめいや (Fruits café Zenmeiya)

This parfait is made in a produce stand “Zenmeiya”. We make you happy with fruits sandwich, soft serve, shaved ice and parfait.

「Figs Parfait」1100yen(tax included)

「Peach Parfait」1518yen(tax included)

「Shine Parfait」1650yen(tax included)

  • Access Meikoh1-18-11, Minato-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
  • Business hour Mon/Thu/Fri/Sat 10:00~17:00(LastOrder16:15) Tue 10:00~16:00(Last Order15:30) (close: Wednesday/Sunday)
  • Tel 052 652 1093


「yoake parfait lacquered box style」 770yen(tax included)

  • Access Nagono2-14-1, Nishi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
  • Business hour 9:00~18:00 (close: Tuesday)

*parfait available 14:00~18:00

  • Tel 052 526 2288

創作料理Ryota (Sosakuryori Ryota)

  • Access Kusunoki1-1415, Kita-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
  • Business hour 16:00~22:00 (close: Monday/Tuesday)
  • Tel 090 8071 3580